vendredi 15 janvier 2016

Back with a new video!


I've seen the date of my last post...

Ok, ok, Christmas, etc... but 1 month?????

 -_-  <------- me thinking that I'm a "desperate bloginggirl"

Yes, it was sooooooo long since I've been there. I decided to translate my french post here, thinking that it would be easier for everyone to read... easier except for me :) So much things to be done (3 blog isn't that to much?)


I'm coming back with a new video!

And in English this time! I decided to translate them too (and sorry for all the mistakes you will find.)

I don't know if it's Christmas that had left on me for ever a footprint : I need deer. I need deer everywhere! On my walls, on my table, on my neck, in my books... this is not the first time... I can't do anything... I NEED ANTLERS!

So I took an old recycling page of my journal (one I use for my paints waste)... and this is what happened :

Please, enjoy and if you liked it, you can share it :)

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