dimanche 8 novembre 2015

To present front - D#20

Day 20! I'm already very satisfied: 2/3 of the challenge is done! And I did this keeping in mind to talk with my true nature, about subjects that touched me daily.

Came here, I told myself that really, what matters to move forward is to present in the front of the canva, to open and let the flow comes through. Now I understood that I (and by extension, you) have the power to create, even if the days are not so good (or very bad.)

I already speak about Julia Cameron's book :

I read this over a year and it took me this long to actually ingest the essence and principles proposed by the author. In fact, it is by reading my posts since the start of the challenge that I realized that the very foundations of Cameron reappeared. But those are other sources of inspiration that have led me (as the book of C. P. Estés or fairy tales I read to children at this time) and it's really a surprise to make this observation :) So, in summary the main points of this book:

- Breaking free from the noises of our thoughts to make space : writing three pages every morning (currently I do not do it, writing this blog completed the same task.)

- Nurturing creativity : walking, going to feed the horses, buying new colors to test, keeping close to you all images that inspire you....

- Doing the work : to present, anyway, front of your page / canvas / screen / even if nothing comes, it is essential to move up to the studio, even to do anything about it or just to dust!

Today, that's exactly what I do. I had no idea what to write. Yet I opened my PC, I began to write "20 days" and I let the ideas flow...
...  to recommend this amazing book :)

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