lundi 23 novembre 2015

The end? Day#30

Yesterday I wrote a small text to close this challenge. Then, when the issue... I do not know... I did not want.

I want another text to finish this challenge. The text of yesterday, it will be... a bonus!

Finally, I want to re-talk about our power. I have already mentioned that the conscious choice of EACH thing (whether this brand of yogurt, or choose to go to work today because I like getting paid, still choose to live with this person precisely because our relationship gives us a lot...) was a form of power.

But there are other... as the awareness of its dark, its archetypes. I think these themes dig soon on this blog, there's so much to say.

I go back to choice.

In my choice.

I said recently, I was on a tipping point. In fact, I'm facing a choice... To become a pro in the art, it appears that it is necessary today to sell her person, her personality. After all, you do not buy just an image, but also a part of the artist.

Thus, we are advised to sell us, that our being become a marketing product.

It advises us to show us EVERY day on social networks and show them a bit more than our studio or our canvas.

It advises us to show our life.

Our life is supposed to feel like.

The urge supposed to buy.


This is where I'm not at all agree.

I really think we can do without the social networks. Even to create professionally.

Therefore advised us many things... it's a trap that I nearly fell! Definitely not have the power to follow these tips for success (that have worked for others) because the question is : What works for me?

Social networks every day, no. Not for me.

I do not want to. It wears me instead of having fun or amuse my muse (that sentence is funny, especially out loud !!!!)

The beautiful images of these artists to the perfect life, tastefully decorated house, dress in clothes that fit 100% to the theme developed in their paintings, it's just not my TRUE. (And if I had to dress according to my theme... uh... there would indecency!)

My house is a mess to me.

Sometimes my clothes are those of a femme fatale sometimes those of a farmer!

My life is true. It has the scent of authentic, the feeling. It does not take in a picture frame. And I don't want change that for selling.

Only my paintings are both true AND beautiful.

I am not for sale. My life either.

That's why I think I look forward to the rocker. Because it seemed to me necessary to present myself every day to the judgment of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or other that I do not feel any pleasure.

It must be said, one of my archetypes is the hermit. Needless to fight!

There is no embarrassment to have, to dislike taking selfies, or conversely worship! No need to change to stick to what is expected of us.

That's remain authentic.

That is, dare to love: entertain his muse;) and say no.

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