mardi 3 novembre 2015

The doubt - Day#16 of the challenge

Listen compassionately every person we meet on our way, on a screen, on a blog... and then doubt it.

I know this is quite contrary to what I write about the process of intuitive painting: believe and let go ... so what's the point of this article?
The absorbent mind, Maria Montessori

I really connect my creativity to my children because they go together. It is their birth that allowed me to open my eyes: slowly, I integrated into my life the great wisdom of Maria Montessori and especially the fact that a child absorbs EVERYTHING in its environment.

You too, child, you have absorbed everything. You have absorbed your culture, the ideas of your parents, their beliefs, the beliefs of the community that expands during the time your grew up. You've absorbed, ie, you've believed in what you were told, in that you were showed.

And maybe today you are wondering, from where comes the small voice of the judge who criticizes you constantly in your head? That little voice was forged, from your birth, by your environment. The result is that now you doubt yourself. This is not an advantage to live a healthy, happy and bubbly life!

The solution is to doubt everything you encounter on your way. Always. In every moment.

If we look more closely, doubt is a real power because it reconnects us with our intuition, our mind. We sail on autopilot during our busy days, so it is good to ask questions.

What do I ate? Why do we put our children at school?

These are my great personal issues right now... but we can use the tools of the doubt in all the small things in life. Especially when people claim to have THE truth, remember that everything is subjective and don't waste your time by going in a debate of the deaf.

Doubt is the first step.

And because it is important not to remain continually in the same questions but to take action, to advance, so that doubt is an engine for everything else to come together:

And then doubt is a motor

I intensely improve the way I was living by doubting, thinking, choosing and entering into action. Gradually I noticed that I chose increasingly what's inside of me. My intuition, ideas that I received. That is why the intuitive painting process has become a belief, because I chose to believe in me, believe in my subconscious, in my divine, without listening to the judgment of others or that of my inner voice (which is only a reflection of my old environment).

Doubt and believe

A beautiful and powerful formula that I invite you to adopt in your life!

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