vendredi 13 novembre 2015

Resistance - Day#25

Let's talk about resistance today!

The resistance is this enemy in our head. She always gives us a whole bunch of reasons to not do : we are still not ready, still not good enough, we do not have THE good idea ...

If we can't ignore that voice, we never start anything.

The difference between an amateur artist and a professional artist is the amateur think he needs, first, to eliminate fears before starting. The pro, actually advance, knowing that his fears will never disappear. He starts before he feels ready. He knows he will always have stage fright before going on stage (even after decades in representation.)

Needless to prepare. Start!

Do the work, stand before your canvas, your sheet.

The secret then is to not think of the finished work.

The secret is to think small steps. One after the other : I take this color, I make this trait... these small steps lead to other, and then to others... and it's over. It's that first step that brings us closer to our goal. Do not think about the goal, but this baby step... the kaizen!

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