mardi 17 novembre 2015

Reclaiming the power - day #28

Last days of the challenge (2 only!)... I feel like talking much about psychology than painting!

Looking to become a full-time artist, I discovered little by little that alone, creativity, does not allow to advance. We must also enable progress, to start up the engine.

And it's not easy at all. Our comfort is nice. It is also limiting. Add to that a little strong voice, and you get a wonderful mix causing a still image :)

When we reach beyond these resistances (by binding very small goal, like writing one line, put a color more, apply one more brushstroke, ...) we understand better and better the person we are. A person full of color gradients.

For example, I recently noticed in my daily life, I did at 80% of my time, reflexes. Laugh like the others even if it is not funny, follow a group when in fact, I want to stay put. Forcing me to talk to someone. Forcing me to be pretty, while that day I did not feel like it.

When these reflexes appear, locate them is already a great victory!

And then I found myself succeed to say no. And I say no, more. No reflexes, thank you. I choose. I took control.

Reflexes... in the end what is it? These are just what we were and what we have learned in the past. Packaging that has been applied so often, our bodies, our brains act without involving our awareness (like driving).

Regain power, is this : making the choices, activating our consciousness.

It's not THAT huge, and just as you have to experience it, this phrase appears often in our ears and our eyes (it is always found in the thoughts of social networks.) It took time for me understand its meaning and know how.

Regain our power is to act without reflex and in full consciousness.

This is remaining silent when I have nothing to say though is expected of me to speak. On the contrary laugh when everything must be serious. That's the whole evening talking with unknown people while I'm supposed to be shy. It is slow while we would want me to be as quick and efficient as yesterday.

Step by step, I reclaim my power.

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