jeudi 5 novembre 2015

Keeping inspiration - Day#18 of the challenge

Gradually, I understand better my way of working creatively.

I made a lot of progress in the fields of test and letting go but I still had some progress to make in the structure (ordering my papers, organize my studio). Today I'll dig the example of inspiration because I always have a ton of ideas that I love on social networks or on my phone ... but I do not do anything with them (well, I have beautiful wallpaper but it does not advance the locomotive!)

The solution is to create an inspirational wall, directly into the studio just in front of his nose. Thus, no need to run to see a laptop which inevitably takes us to abandon our movement first and sometimes even any momentum (I speak from experience!)

We must go through to materialize the works that we like (by purchasing items and supporting other artists) or printing Internet images (Epson Ecotank cover our needs in raising prints : homeschool requires !)

I cut!

I glue on a large sheet, I decorate (words, sketch) and shoo... on the wall!

Studio Fanny Fannoche SheArtWild

Studio Fanny Fannoche SheArtWild

Since then I never turning around anymore...

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