lundi 9 novembre 2015

Healing - Day#21

Oh! Healing is a very important topic for me. And I do not think it's a coincidence that it falls on day 21 of my challenge. Personally, 21 is indeed a figure of great significance!

Heal, yes. Let me make you understand what I mean by that word.

There is to cure a flu or a broken bone. To heal the body. And there is also healing inside.

This can be a very old trauma. I understand it mostly as healing old belief patterns (although healing thoughts can heal the body ...)

My healing process started as many, by an earthquake in my life. Often you can take the way by ourselves. Sometimes when we refuse to see the first signs of life (the goddess Kali, the unnamed arcane?) the life doesn't hesitate to shake us out loud. Admittedly, it is not pleasant... yet our will is often asleep in the illusory comfort of our little lives. Illusory because, having achieved the goals that we had set out of school, we find ourselves ... .... empty.

What? That's all?
I have a job quite nice and well paid,
a comfortable home,
a large TV and an audio system that mind-blowing,
a charming companion
children ...
where is the promised nirvana?

Daily we go into autopilot mode, or else we become grumpy and victims. And every day the alarm clock rings. And every day is the same, nothing is felt, frightening gaping in our guts and say we missed something, but tomorrow, we will find.

Yes, I'll continue in this way and things will work out.

Tomorrow, it will fall from heaven because I have done everything as it should, I deserved it, my small personal miracle.

And nothing ever comes.

Our faith in life is shaken.

And then, when something arrives, clearing this ocean of criticisms that exists in our little heads the miracle occurs. Yet it never really looked like a miracle: a breakdown, bereavement, loss of a job ...

We want to fight against injustice. Hard to see the miracle that was expected. We can compare this kind of moments with the call to the adventure of the hero (see the writings of Campbell.) There is nothing to do other than to go on a quest. Often we had put on the back of our lack of time (in our fast-paced job-metro-sleeping can there be a place for adventure?) Life is responsible for us to clear the way, one of us release the necessary time.

Some will not feel the call and prefer to plunge (but will it be another call?) still, others, dare!

Adventure? This will be first open our eyes to our past, to heal our thoughts ...

to continue

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