jeudi 12 novembre 2015

Healing 4 - Day#24

One of the artists that I followed on youtube, was also passionate for shamanic rituals and had even taken a course offering to integrate art in the vision quest, the famous quest vision own to ancient civilizations.

I do not know why, but the idea never left me. I had to wait one year (the course takes place only once a year) to be able to also launch myself in this fabulous quest.

For once in my life I had ventured without fear and the result was beyond any words!

The paintings were not only beautiful but they were true masters that could generate an incredible wisdom. My subconscious had guided my actions to show the wisdom I needed at the time of creation. It was practically a map of the state of my being at that specific time. I got to know me fairly.

In between, mixed media on canvas, 80 X 100, by Fanny Fannoche

What I did not let appear behind my mask of every-day, appeared, IN BIG right in front of me. No way to escape the harsh truth.

I had to sometimes hang on so I can see what I did not want to hear.

Sometimes, my paints made me reflect on the question of time, sometimes on the woman in the world and my own femininity. Where was I in my integration to the woman? The most extensive and spiritual questions raised were more intense as life after death.

Gradually, I realized that I was the fruit of agreements that I reached in my childhood and in my teens, as was so well explained in clear by Don Miguel Ruiz. It was time to take new, leaving the old ones.

My life has changed so drastically. My childhood dreams came true: to live in the wild, have horses, being a professional artist, regain power of my femininity. I understood deeply the terms of happiness, personal fulfillment ...

But I'm just starting the healing process.

The path of possible opened and never will let them close again.

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