jeudi 12 novembre 2015

Healing 3 - Day#23


I missed my rendez-vous last day! I organized a walk with lanterns with unschooling children and we finished so late... I didn't have the courage to write. So today, I write 2 posts about healing!!!!!

I have absolutely no idea where this series will go to! I just feel the need to write my personal history. We will see the purpose of the thing at the end...

I finished my meeting yesterday with meditation. Oh, of course I knew stuff about this. I tried a little to relax on mystical music after reading Eat Pray Love. Trying sophrology was nice... But this time I understood why and I launched into a real habit. Gradually, I understood my thoughts. It's not that I tamed them. But my muscle of "letting go" strengthened...


The consequences were amazing : my thoughts leave room in my little head and ideas explode!

Meanwhile, I was in need of beauty in my world. I was attract a lot by photography. I multiplied the clichés (about my toddlers obviously) and understood the various rules of composition, color, light. It was exciting. I created a pinhole. I photographed superimposed. I played in post-production for vintage or textured images as was the fashion. Finally, that was not enough anymore.

Thousands of ideas came in my mind and photography did not allow me to create them. Or even the techniques of paintings I had learned until then. At the time of my painting classes, we had always to bring a picture. Often, I decided not to do as the others and draw shapes. My 2nd Professor (lovely) smiling at me but made me understand that the next time, I had to bring something to reproduce. I never brought one single. Just draft annotated lines and colors. Yet I did not like my paintings. They lacked something. Impossible at the time to say what was missing.

Eau-Céant by Fanny Fannoche

But I was determined to find. This flow of ideas could not remain as a draft (in my journals, loose papers in my sketches or on my phone...) Steering the net and youtube : I have scoured hundreds of videos. It took me time ... and then I came across a mixed media video. The artists were not content to apply judicious mix of colors. They created textures!

Background texture by Fanny Fannoche

I accumulates mixed media images, videos, and I fell on a raw, frenetic art. You had to have several projects at the same time not to release the creative flow, not stop during drying. Son of needle, I'm really passionate about this art form and these videos where the artist began to paint, to start recording without having to head ideas !!!!!!!! I was flabbergasted! I needed that.

After a period of accumulation, I decide to test, test and re test. I started to research the products unfound in France. I was bulimic about these techniques and gradually I understood what these artists were in addition to the realization of beautiful paintings. They incorporated a way of seeing life lightly, no teaser.

My first bird!

to  be continued

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