lundi 16 novembre 2015

Dreams - day#27

Since the beginning of this challenge, I surrender to intense dreams... and especially to note every single of them.

In the data appears in particular : my nudity. Often, I find myself in a situation where I reveal myself to an audience while I thought I was in a private place. For example, I go to the bathroom and I realize that they are all made of wood and they let in too much visibility since I see fully the street. Besides, at that moment pass along this street, people I know. I'll be seen, oops!

Or I'm in a store and there is no changing room... I have to undress and test horrible clothes in front of the seller in front of friends...

Or I'm at the beach and I realize, once installed between a lot of strangers, I am not shaved!

I think these dreams reflect what is happening to me here. I told my story as unexpected. I so wanted to play the game of challenge, being vulnerable for 30 days, that I actually laid bare, like dreams interpret so well. And if at first I felt discomfort, little by little, I tried to assume. That is the inner truth. I do not disturb. I do not hide if it seeks to appear at the turn of a phrase.

And it feels good!

Gradually, I do not seek to be a very good secondary character in the movies of others, but a heroine in my own movie ;)

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