lundi 2 novembre 2015

Abstract - Day# 15 of the challenge

I love the abstract. Yet, I find that, pending the outcome of the execution, the journey is particularly difficult (see emotionally painful).

I keep a  Pinterest abstraction aspirations an it often evolves a lot because it is like "I love, I hate." Let me explain. Some works give at first glance a giant "Wow immediate effect" (typical of contemporary art.) But when I review them 2 or 3 more times, everything fall apart and I frankly do not support them (and shoo, deletion).

I love and one month later, it was the cold shower.

I therefore expect the ultimate inspiration, one that will survive my pinterest!!!!

And we had some winners!

Nadine Bourgne (one French, hooray!) And Wendy McWilliams, have created the paintings of small and large sizes that made me want to get back to my little abstract formats. (There are of course also Flora Bowley but she does not fit the strict sense in this category (but also what category? Figurative Expressionism? In any case, whether the figurative expressionism does not yet exist, it would be time to invent it.))

I just have to go on my own and TADA!

Shine - Mixed media - 21X29cm by SheArtWild

Many, MANY layers to achieve this result ... I went through moments of discouragement.

I also noticed that I had less and less resistance. Example, at right there was an eagle. I completely covered him up for the paint to be coherent. I had to wait one week (sometimes children's activities do not allow me to paint before the weekend) before covering. I knew I had to do, I saw him in every day... Although he is invisible, it is part of the history of this abstract, he radiates there, yet invisible (oh that this is beautiful !!!!!!!!) Hence the name "shine."

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