vendredi 16 octobre 2015


Hello you! This is the very first note on this blog so here is the perfect time for 2 things:

1) welcome you (still I was not going to zap the basics of politeness!)

2) explain you who I am (trial number one to not be boring, let me know if it's not it eh!)

The posts you'll find before this date, are the traduction of my french blog.

Hi and Welcome!

I'm Fannoche and I am mother of 2 "Manele" (means little human in the region I come from, you will see what is important later) ... I have always been attracted by the beautiful pictures, photos and paintings, and I quickly look to do my own! The result was often disappointing, I assure you. It seems it would be because the social world like to judge the works of children ... which in many cases will eventually discard them! So I promised to do, myself, differently for my kitties ... So it was left to portage, co-sleeping, breastfeeding until 2 and half and ... no school!

Yes I do.

The kitties are at home with learning according to Montessori and Waldorf pedagogies. And my ultimate goal is to educate my children to happiness and creativity. It was to play ahead let me tell you !!! But I do my best every day, and I become more and more creative, and I even manage to reconnect with my childhood desire to create beautiful pictures (out my bad memories and fear of the notice of the other of you.)

So I started to paint again, 7 years ago. Now this is where my heart belongs, where I belong and I'd like to share what makes me happy (I have so much to share with you!)

This is why I want to tell you, show you my works. I want to be a damn of what other people think and that if you or I had wanted to draw a bird with four legs, who cares! No matter what that tells in the world of art, what does it matter that my neighbor will say (in addition he has never had good taste!)? Come with me, let me show you things, gets your clicks, be WILD!
OK?! So my wish came true: make you want to do and maybe even (oh that would be good!) make you to take your pen / brush / dusty old Polaroid ...

Welcome in my little place of the universe, the wild universe :)

xo Fannoche

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