vendredi 30 octobre 2015

Vulnerable day#13 of the challenge

Day 13 of this challenge which aimed to set each day in front of the screen and write, a few words or larger thoughts on my progression as an artist or woman.

My last palette
This HAS to happen at one time or another.

Having nothing good to say.

I could mention other. Yes, it has always been easy to talk about others, friends and admiration I have for what they do. This is why these 30 days are a real challenge :

Talk about my life, my inspirations, my inner self and true,

show me the way I am,


it is not so easy.

Here, I put myself in jeopardy. I feel particularly vulnerable (to help me I imagine that no-one would read to me, I feel like writing a diary.)


And today, this is just worse than other days.

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