lundi 26 octobre 2015

Hypersensitivity 2 - 30 days challenge - D#8

Yesterday I mentioned my hypersensitivity ...

Hypersensitivity is little known in France (the term itself is under employee). Yet this word is understood by itself : hyper = more. Meaning feeling more strongly the senses, emotions (and also stress) than average. It's a little like the princess and the pea in real life;)

My painting "in between" is talking about the emotions
Hypersensitivity. Wide subject ... It was described by CG Jung (yep, him again in this blog ...) but is not a disorder. In fact, the famous psychoanalyst thinks it would even be a rewarding source for faculty of intuition!

Hey hey...

And the remedy (well, if we can say since it is not a disease but a character trait)? Quiet, meditation, sport, evoking our emotion (a friend or a journal) and maintaining creativity.

Hey hey...

Hypersensitivity therefore would be part of my personality and would have led me to painting? So I could never escape it?

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