dimanche 9 février 2014

Collage Challenge - D#9

9th collage today!

I'm starting to be more sure of myself composition level ... In fact, I must confess that it was a bit the aim of the exercise. The composition is ... is ... COMPLEX! This is a real world of its own. I still have difficulties with this monster. So I had to approach it from another angle, learn to tame the smooth, every day. I really wanted to leave the marked courses and third rules ...

With collage, no fuss! I will not spoil a piece of paper, trying little things. So I test to put things here and there, again and again to add images or the contrary to be purified. I tell myself that my brain somewhere gains experience, even if I do not feel altogether. I imagine this will be apparent later, innately in my other work.

Collage # 9 by Fannoche SheArtWild

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