jeudi 2 janvier 2014

Monroe love : an idea for image transfer

Hello to you!
I hope you spent a happy holiday! I offer you a colorful year :)
This makes me think that the mixed media decidedly offers us many possibilities and themes like pop!

And iconic figure of pop? Andy Warhol and his best: Marilyn Monroe ...

I kept the mythical face, leaving the colorful silkscreen to the master!

I started working face digitally from a photograph on Galaxy Note 2 (yes my phone with the sketch application.) I like it because it uses layers bright... then fades. I'm always much error and there no worries: we erase and other layers are not met...

And tada!

Now towards the canvas... 
I realized a transfer of the printed face in mirror mode. I applied to the canvas a medium: the transparent gel. It is the turn of the photograph, taking care to remove all the bubbles...
One night later simply remove the paper with a little water and scraping gently with your fingers. The ink was transferred!
This is a large-scale canvas colorful! Lots of fun and a certainty: transfers will call me tomorrow :)

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